NEWCASTLE EAST, NSW: On Wednesday February 10, The Roost Creative recognises the ongoing hard work of administrative assistant Nicola Sciacca with a promotion to Chief Administrative Officer.

Upon noticing Sciacca’s years of tirelessly managing Roost accounts to an exemplary standard, a promotion was proposed to the board of directors by Community Manager Michael A. Hearne.

“It’s about bloody time,” stated Hearne, during Tuesday’s monthly board meeting, “that we do something about this.”

Sciacca was first celebrated as an exemplary community member in 2019, when she was awarded September’s Rooster Of The Month award. It is notable that even after receiving this gravitas, her hard work did not cease. Official admin roles aside, she continued to help everyone fix their printer connections for the following seventeen months.

“Nicole’s breaking of boundaries,” Hearne later declared, “could not, on my watch, go unnoticed.”

The promotion was moved by board treasurer David McKenzie, and seconded by board president Andrew Jones. Hearne struggled to contain himself inviting Sciacca to the meeting room to tell her the news. Board secretary Ben Mitchell jumped at the opportunity to learn how to write press releases. Nicole graciously accepted the promotion – complete with official title – on Tuesday afternoon.

Outside of The Roost, Sciacca works as a P.A. for several international businesses, participates in a Hamilton swimming group and was the first to sample Chiefly East’s new vegetarian baguette, to be launched in March.

Her surname is pronounced like “shakka”.