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Ben Mitchell
Ben MitchellIllustrator
Ben Mitchell is a comic artist, illustrator and academic from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. He has been producing a comic book thriller series named Storm Clouds for the past five years, known for his narrative authenticity when representing the existential angst of one’s mid-20s, and the influence his experience as a graphic designer has on his approach to the comic book page. Ben has appeared as an artist, panelist, guest and workshop facilitator at comics events in Victoria, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney, as well as Poland and the United Kingdom.

As a commercial illustrator, Ben has worked on large-scale commercial campaigns, the international music industry, editorial illustrations, collaborations with other Australian comic artists and has left his mark on small businesses, events and organisations all over Newcastle and Sydney. He is currently completing a PhD exegesis in the narrative function of graphic design in long-form comic books at the University of Newcastle, and usually releases one or two original comics a year.

He lives in an apartment in the West end with a bodybuilder named Jeremy.