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Stephen Roberts
Stephen RobertsVideo Producer
Stephen Roberts is a Creative Director, Cinematographer, Video Producer and all-round nice guy who works with media agencies, small & large businesses and community-based causes helping deliver dynamic media for their brand and clients. Since launching his video production company Beautiful Motion Pictures he has produced a wealth of content for the corporate sector but has a strong passion for doing projects that help develop and enhance the local community. He has been involved on projects such as the This Is Not Art Festival, Beaumont St Carnivale, Star Struck Schools Spectacular, Newy Parkrun, The Headphone Project & projects with Tantrum Youth Arts.

Stephen loves what he does, and tries to embrace any project he thinks can benefit not just the creative community but the community as a whole. He is a lover of comedy, cycling, cricket and water polo. So if you see him out and about, feel free to say ‘hi’.

Stephen is a massive advocate for The Roost Creative. He knows he never would succeed in running a business if he did not have a community of like minded people that he is able to learn from, lean on, run things by and just bond with. He is a current member of the Roost board, as he loves to be an active person in helping to shape the future and direction of The Roost Creative.