Project Description

Justin Aaron
Justin AaronPhotographer

I’m a massive design fan, especially a fan of architecture. While this is what interests me the most, I keep myself busy at at the Roost managing my wedding photography business, Justin Aaron Photographer. Yes, I document other things with my camera, a little architecture, a few portraits here and there, but I’m mostly fixated on getting a set of wedding photos out the door while I organise another wedding shoot coming around in a few days.

I’m lucky enough to document weddings all over Australia, mostly the East Coast, from Cairns to Noosa to Byron Bay to the Hunter Valley to Sydney, to Southern Highlands to Melbourne and Country Victoria. I have also been commissioned to document weddings in Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand. Published in numerous national magazines and international wedding blogs allows my work to circulate and gain recognition beyond my hometown.

It is from a true interest and respect for the human experience that I seek to document something raw and honest. I seek out the individuality and focus on documenting moments that are unique to a couple, allowing their personalities to breathe in the moment. I attempt to draw from each scene a classic elegance, I aim to make images that artfully capture what it felt like to be there on the wedding day, allowing the images the ability to continue the experience in to the future.